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How much do AVON brochures cost?

This is another popular question. If you’re thinking about becoming an AVON representative it makes sense to want to know the ins and outs of everything involved, including any costs to you as a Representative.

Firstly I would just like to remind you that you’re provided with your first two lots of AVON brochures free from your AVON Sales Leader. This is to give you the chance of establishing your customer base without it costing you anything for your brochures.

Once you have placed your first two orders and you have established how many customers you have and therefore how many brochures you’re going to need, you will need to start ordering your brochures with your regular campaign order.

Your AVON brochures come in packs of 5 and they cost less per pack the more you order. View the price list below to understand how this works…

1 pack of brochures (5 brochures in total) = £3.15

2 packs of brochures (10 brochures in total) = £4.22

3 packs of brochures (15 brochures in total) = £4.86

4 packs of brochures (20 brochures in total) = £5.36

5 packs of brochures (25 brochures in total) = £5.86

6 packs of brochures (30 brochures in total) = £6.36

You can see from the prices above that three packs of brochures costs £4.86 but then every additional pack of five brochures costs just 50p per pack.

If you have 30 AVON customers with an average spend of £10 you will earn £75 commission from your order, making it well worth spending £6.36 on your brochures.


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These are the prices as of campaign 12 2011 this page may be updated in the future to reflect any price change.

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