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I am thinking about having an AVON party: But where do I start?

Holding an AVON party is an excellent way of increasing your sales, and who doesn’t want to increase their sales when more sales = more earnings.

The first thing you should consider when holding an AVON party is your venue, you need to make sure there is plenty of room for your guests and any demo kits you intend to display.

Give your party a name:

You can encourage interest in your party by naming it. This also tells people what they can expect from the party. Whether it is a makeup party or a skincare party. Seasonal parties such as a summer essentials party also go down really well, you can showcase a mixture of products ranging from sun tan lotions to summer fragrances. Be creative with the name of your party, try to be different to generate interest.

An incentive for the hostess:

Make sure you give your hostess a reason for holding an AVON party at her home. Your hostess plays an important part in the success of your party as she is in control of the party invites. We always give our hostess 15% of the party sales for her to spend in the Avon brochure, meaning a £200 order will give her £30 to spend in the AVON brochure.

Breaking the ice:

It is almost certain that some of your party guests will not know each other, so what better way to break the ice than to hold a quiz with a prize for the winner. You can download our AVON party quiz at the bottom of this post, or you can create your own.

Do your homework:

Before your party guests arrive make sure you know your product, don’t give out samples if you cannot confidently sell the benefits of the product. The best way to know your product is to use it yourself. If you have purchased any AVON products for yourself such as jewellery, you should wear these during your party.

Demonstration is key:

The key to a successful party is to demonstrate lots of AVON products. This doesn’t mean you need to spend loads of money on ordering plenty of full sized products, by just having enough AVON brochures with plenty of samples will work well enough.

Everyone loves a freebie:

You may have plenty of people at this party but you need to generate more party bookings if you are going to keep your sales consistent. Offering a free gift or discount to anyone who books a party with you is a great way to generate party bookings. Free gifts do not need to be expensive; there are plenty of products you can buy from your hello tomorrow magazine.

Make sure no one leaves empty handed:

Everyone loves a bargain! And that’s why our lucky dip always goes down really well. Each lucky dip can have its own rules, example: for every customer who places an order above £10 they will be given one lucky dip, or even something along the lines of a £1 lucky dip. You can fill an AVON bag with lots of small products from the clearance, but make sure you choose a bag which cannot be seen through…it spoils the fun if your customer can see what they are getting, and make sure you are creative and fun with the products you choose.

Don’t be forgotten:

Some of the guests may not book a party on the night, but you never know if it might be something they would like to do in the future. For this reason we always give out a party bag to each guest before they leave, this includes some samples from the party as well as a card with our name and contact details on.

Do you have any AVON party tips? Please share them with us in the comments area below.

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