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Question: How many AVON brochures should I order?

Our Answer:

This is a tricky question to answer because every AVON Representative is different. We recommend a brochures quantity of at least 40 to all of our territory Representatives, and a brochure quantity of at least 15 for our friends and family Representatives.


This should be a starting point for the number of brochures you order and you should increase the quantity over time as you find new AVON customers.


If you’re a friends and family Representative and you currently have ten AVON customers, you should still order 15 brochures and set yourself a personal challenge to find five new extra customers. With these extra brochures sitting in your house, it will give you the reason you need to keep asking around to find those extra customers. Remember, your AVON brochure is your shop window and while your brochures sit inside your house, your shop is closed.


If you’re a territory Representative and you have less than 40 customers, you should still order at least 40 brochures. This will allow you to serve your current AVON customers, as well as canvass your allocated area to pick up new customers. It’s important to keep putting a brochure through every door on your allocated area, this will help to build trust and show people within the area that you’re a reliable AVON Representative.


If you’re an AVON Representative, how many brochures do you order? Have your say in the comments area.


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